Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt Umbrellas
An insightful idea that turned into revolutionary technology, the Blunt brand solved an age-old problem which redefined the umbrella industry. The story begins in London in 1999, as design engineer Greig Brebner was making his crowded commute to work. Measuring just over 6"2 tall, his height caused him to be continually poked in the face by sharp umbrella spires. Unfortunately, the problem only escalated on windy days when large gusts inverted flimsy canopies everywhere. Determined not to lose an eye, he sought to find a safer and more functional solution.
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Armed with a glue gun and kite material, Brebner sat down at his kitchen table and began tinkering. He soon came up with a prototype that had serious potential. Confident with what he created, Brebner went out into a raging storm to see how it fared in extreme weather…the Blunt umbrella prevailed! In wind tunnel tests, the umbrella survived more than 72 mile an hour winds.

How did Greig Brebner make his Blunt umbrella so strong? Well, the taut canopy for one. The tension applied to the fabric is distributed equally across the ribs to provide sturdy protection, even against wind gusts. Combine that with a double strut frame, floating ribs and the patented Blunt tips and you arrive at the best thing since sliced bread! See video below:

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