Harvy Umbrellas

Harvy Umbrellas
Though it has grown to be the largest manufacturer of walking canes in North America, Harvy had humble beginnings. It all started over a century ago in London, when silversmith Abraham Levy handcrafted canes for England's royalty, spending up to a week on just one masterpiece. In 1882, he and his son Harry came to America, where the young boy would follow his father's footsteps. Harry began making umbrella handles for 10 cents each, and found that by making the handles 30" longer, he could sell them as canes for 40 cents each in order to feed his eight children. Five of Harry's sons helped the fifth-generation, family-owned business survive through the depression years and into the industrial age. They formed the name Harvy in 1964 by taking the 'HAR' from Harry and the 'VY' from Levy, staying true to the company's roots while looking to the promising future of this still thriving brand.

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